Bart Bellon is the father (or now grandfather) of modern dog training, and his revolutionary NePoPo® system of dog training was inspired by nearly 40 years of experience which encompasses history, education, life experience, politics and practicality. He graduated from college in 1982 and immediately served two years in the Paratroopers as an officer. Starting in 1986, Bart began looking beyond Belgian Ring Sport. He developed interest in and followed all the international sports that utilized bitework: French Ring Sport, Mondio Ring, KNPV, and IPO. Bart won his first NVBK Championship in 1992 with a talented but out of control dog that Bart purchased in 1986 when the dog was three years old. Bart gives seminars and workshops around the world. He has his signature on many World Class Competitors and National Competitors from different countries. Bart has worked with police departments and governmental agencies throughout the world and military K-9 units.




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