Blake Broadhurst has been an Orlando police officer for 13 years, spending 11 of the years on specialty units. He has served as an assault member on the SWAT team as well as on presidential protection details. He’s a former tactical officer operating on multiple proactive crime suppression units as well as a former field trainer. Currently he is a K-9 handler and instructor for the K-9 unit. He has been involved in over 100 uses of force during his career ranging from foot pursuits to deadly force encounters. Blake has received four departmental awards, each for different takedowns of armed suspects.

As a K-9 handler, Blake has been deployed on hundreds of real time calls with numerous apprehensions with over 100 catches with his current K-9 partner, Champion. As an instructor, Blake holds certifications as a K-9 Instructor, Defensive Tactics Instructor and Federal Active Shooter Instructor. As a trainer, he has developed numerous creative and high skilled training scenarios that have been adopted by his agency, including a K-9 defensive tactics course focusing on tactical K-9 team takedowns of a suspect and choke defense techniques.


K-9 Tactical Team Coordinated Takedowns and Choke Defense Tactics

The K-9 Tactical Team Coordinated Takedowns and Choke Defense Tactics course is an advanced class for experienced K-9 teams and handlers that are interested in evolving their skills and real-world performance. The course introduces a structured, efficient and safer way of apprehending and performing a team takedown of a resisting suspect. The techniques taught reduce the amount of force used by a handler, which in turn decreases the use of excessive force. The course will consist of three phases of instruction, K-9 defensive tactics, examples of live K-9 team takedowns and K-9 choke defense techniques. These phases will then be bridged together into specific real-world scenarios for the team to demonstrate the tactics they have learned. This course will increase the professionalism and effectiveness of a police K-9 team when operating in real-world deployments.

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