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     Brett has been communicating and training dogs for over 30 years. He has trained hundreds of pets at the world-renowned Alameda East Veterinary Hospital and thousands of top Police/Military K-9 teams. Brett has also achieved some of the highest levels in the sport of Schutzhund. Competing in dozens of competitions, he is one of few who has taken four separate breeds to 11 National Championships as well as qualifying and competing in the Deutsche Meisterschaft (Championship in Germany). Being selected as a decoy for three National Championships has given him experience on both ends of the leash.


     Working for the Denver Police Department in Colorado, he has been assigned to a full-time SWAT team as a K-9 handler for over 20 years. With over 2,500 tactical deployments and hundreds of K-9 apprehensions, Brett’s training comes from real world experience. The TacDogs Training Program, developed by Brett in 2009, is used by hundreds of K-9 teams across the United States. Distinguishing what is relative, effective and appropriate for individual dogs is where Brett has grown into an industry expert.


     Brett will talk about the 10 disciplines of the TacDogs Training Program, giving insight into how K-9 teams, from the greenest to most experienced, can become more efficient, effective and safer during deployments by themselves, with other cover officers and with a tactical team. This presentation will benefit all patrol K-9 teams, SWAT operators and all levels of supervision.