Chris Jakubin, now retired from the United States Air Force, has been in the Working Dog Field for over 35 years. He is currently a Canine Training Instructor for DHS/TSA. Chris also worked for the  Canine Training Academy (Tracking and Trailing), AMK9, Allergen Detection Service Dogs, Olive Branch K-9 and the Department of Defense. Lastly, Chris has instructed in detection and patrol at numerous seminars independently for NPCA and HITS. 

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Bomb Dog Training: Practice makes for a highly effective Bomb Team

     In today's day and age, all bomb dog teams need to be one step ahead of the game. We all must think outside the box and train for today’s threat. Today’s bomb dog is not only needed prior to special events but also during these events and sometimes after. Ask yourself this: Can your dog perform during a 4th of July parade? Consider all the distractions that occur during such an event; not to mention the stamina needed that each bomb team much possess. In this class, you will learn how and where to prepare your dog teams. You will learn training techniques to get your dog to hunt and what to hunt without any stimulus. These techniques are solidified in how we practice. How are you practicing?