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     Dr. David Adebimpe, DSc, PhD, CChem, is a research scientist, philosopher and inventor who uses his singular cross disciplinary skills and expertise to solve unique problems that require the convergence of different scientific and technical disciplines. An ex-Professor of Organic Chemistry with over 26 years of combined experience in research, academia and industry, he is a subject matter expert and world leader in the development of scent detection training aids and practical tools that enhance the operational capability of search and detect K-9s.Using a combination of his unique theories pertaining to mammalian olfaction and the mechanisms of scent generation from materials, David developed the first and only official inert replacements to the United States Navy’s MN01 and MN 76 Canine Kits for Explosives Detection. He later invented the world’s first non-hazardous TATP, HMTD, Dynamite, PETN/ETN, Nitrocellulose, Nitroglycerin, EGDN, PCP and MDMA detector K-9 scent training aids and then developed the ScentLogix™ K9 ScentKit Collection – which currently stands as the broadest collection of operationally-tested non-hazardous explosives and narcotics training aids ever produced for the imprinting and training of scent and detect K-9s. These ScentLogix™ ScentKits are now regarded as the “gold standard” of training aids for explosives and narcotics detector dogs and are currently used within numerous elite military, law enforcement and private working dog programs worldwide.

     Dr. Adebimpe has attended a number of FBI and U.S. DOJ certification programs in explosives detection and terrorist preparedness and serves as a consultant to numerous agencies including the U.S. Navy, U.S. Special Forces, the Federal Police (Brazil), The Department of Justice (Australia), Department of Customs (Indonesia), the State Police (Mexico), and the DEA, in matters pertaining to detector K-9 scent kit utility and training protocols. Additionally, he is a member of IABTI, serves on numerous national and international advisory boards, and is a guest scientist at NIST and NASA.


     David’s qualifications include a Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) degree, an interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Materials Science and Chemical Engineering, and a B.Sc. with Honors in Biochemistry with Psychology. His current professional interests include the investigation of scent engineering principles and their applications to biological olfaction, the fabrication of electronic noses, and increasing the portfolio of tools and procedures available for efficient detector K-9 imprinting and maintenance training.

      ScentWire™, which is his most recent collaborative effort in developing next-generation, best-of-industry scent training aids, is specifically designed to enhance detector K-9 programs built and reliant on the use of traditional training aids.


     Scientific data at ScentLogix discloses, time-after-time, that a lot of detector-K9 scent-training beliefs are based on longstanding professional misconceptions, and on the implementation of scientific opinions, publications and guidelines that miss essential facts. First amongst these misconceptions is the profession-wide belief that real materials make the best scent-training aids for the imprinting, maintenance-training and certification of detector K9’s.


     Using a cocktail of scientific data, user videos, testimonials of outcomes – and reactive to the publicized published opinions – this revealing seminar will explain the reasons for these shortcomings and will clarify some misconceptions upon which the foundations of many top-tier K-9 training programs have been built. Furthermore, it will recommend how new scientific knowledge and practitioner lessons can be applied towards establishing next-generation training doctrines, towards achieving higher certification standards, and towards improving scent-detection case law.

     This is scent detection presented in a way that brings a revolutionary understanding to the enigma of odor, and is a must-attend class for all operational K-9 trainers and handlers!