Dondi Hydrick has 40 years of experience training police, military, and combat assault dogs in the civilian arena as well as military special operations. He has conducted training both within the U.S. and several foreign countries. Dondi is a former sheriff’s deputy and was the Master K-9 Trainer for 3/75th Ranger Battalion later becoming the Master K-9 Trainer for the 75th Ranger Regiment. Currently, he is the owner and chief trainer of K9 Dog Center USA located in Pine Mountain, GA.



Scent Cones and How Scent Moves

     In this fast-paced interactive class, handlers will learn what a scent cone looks like, how scent moves and where it can be found during all facets of K-9 training and deployment. Dondi will explain and show not only how air currents affect scent but also how every day objects affect the scent picture your dog receives and how to interpret it. Participants will discuss common problems experienced.

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