Eddie began his career with the US Fish and Wildlife Service in 1988 as a Federal Game Warden. Having grown up in a home where his father was a K-9 handler/trainer, Eddie knew a K-9 would benefit his agency and fellow officers. He quickly realized that working in the rural areas, for a wildlife resource agency, he would have to prove the benefit of a K-9 program. Through patience and a good training program, Eddie was able to grow the program to multiple K-9 teams nationwide until his retirement in 2016.

Eddie Brannon retired from a 28 year career as a federal law enforcement officer in 2016, 26 years of which were as a K-9 handler. After his retirement, he began working as a deputy for Madison County (FL) Sheriff’s Office. He is the supervisor and a handler for their 5-team K-9 unit in an agency of 40 sworn deputies.



A Successful Rural K-9 Program

Eddie will be providing information of having a successful, productive rural agency K-9 program. With the changing society, a well trained K-9 team and unit can add that extra support needed for officers on the street.