Lieutenant Garret Wing – Owner of American Overwatch K9 Services


  • Master of Science in Organizational Leadership

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Emergency Services Management

Over 15 years of Law Enforcement Experience which includes:

  • Tactical Investigations Unit Commander

  • Police Lieutenant for Major Metropolitan South Florida Police Agency

  • Incident Commander of numerous multi-agency & multi-dog K-9 searches for armed offender(s)

  • Patrol Shift Commander

  • Senior K-9 Supervisor

  • Narcotics and Patrol K-9 Handler

  • Civilian EOD K-9 Handler


CLASS: High Risk K-9 Tracking
with Tactical Teams

“The lessons that we learn are written on the tombstones of others.” 

– Reid Henrichs

     One of American Overwatch K9’s most popular courses, this training focuses on preparing canine handlers, SWAT operators, K9 backups and supervisors how to maximize officer safety and decrease liability during dangerous canine deployments to locate and apprehend violent armed offenders.  This course is essential for any agency/handler that tracks criminal suspects.  This course discusses recent K-9 deployments which proved fatal for the handlers who unfortunately failed to employ simple but highly effective tactics that very likely would have prevented their death.  In short, the material learned in the course may help save your life.


     Topics include: Proximity Alerts, effective formations and tactics, moving through corners/chokepoints, correctly reading the dog and the terrain, reacting to contact, team communication, tactical/emergency removal of K-9 bite, handler-down-rescue, resource management, quick reaction team, proper tools and equipment, and much more.