Janice L. Baker, DVM, MS, DACVPM is a veterinarian specializing in occupational health of working dogs. With the current rank of Colonel, Dr. Baker has served over 18 years in the U.S. Army as a veterinarian on both active duty and U.S. Army Reserve, the majority of this time with special operations canine and medical units, and has multiple combat deployments in support of working dogs. She holds a master’s degree in Veterinary Forensics, is a board certified specialist in Veterinary Preventive Medicine, and has over 15 years experience working in veterinary emergency practice. Dr. Baker owns Veterinary Tactical Group, a consulting group focusing on in advancing the health and performance capabilities of working dogs. Dr. Baker and her VTG colleagues are leaders in research regarding occupational hazards of working dogs, including hostile action injuries in law enforcement and military working dogs and canine heat injury.

CLASS: Rethinking Heat Injury
in Working Dogs

     Heat injury remains one of the top three causes of traumatic death in law enforcement and military working dogs, yet until a few years ago, very little attention was paid to research on new approaches to deal with this mission-limiting and often deadly condition.  This presentation will discuss updates on breakthroughs on canine conditioning to increase heat tolerance, as well as practical approaches to heat injury prevention and treatment that handlers can immediately apply in the field.