Jason Johnson is a nationally recognized subject matter expert in scent detection and K-9 procurement. Jason has led the K-9 procurement and scent detection training for several major governmental contracts worldwide. He is a former Field Canine Coordinator for the National Explosives Detection Canine Team Program with TSA, Lead Instructor at the ATF National Canine Training Center, Kennel Master and K-9 Handler for Blackwater K-9 in Iraq and Afghanistan, Police Narcotics K-9 Handler and Trainer, and a U.S. Army Military Police Officer. Jason holds a Master's Degree in Security Management, is a published author, and is the Founder and CEO of the Project K-9 Hero Foundation.

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CLASS: Scent Detection Procurement: Selecting the Right K-9 for the Job.

     An in depth course that covers how to properly evaluate a K-9's drive, environmental confidence, and socialabilty using a 100-point scoring process. This course includes what medical screening should be completed prior to selecting a K-9 along with what health and performance guarantees should be included in a sales or contract agreement. Jason focuses on how to choose the right K-9 in any discipline of scent detection based on needs of the department, unit, or specific mission.