John M. Peters is an attorney who has been practicing police liability law in the state and federal courts for 40 years. When not in court, John participates in decoy work, tracking, aggression and obedience for sport and at the many police canine workshops he attends. John’s legal and canine backgrounds led to requests for him to serve as an author, instructor and legal adviser to the police canine community where his canine legal seminars are in high demand.

CLASSES: K-9 Legal I & II

A dynamic and interactive class on the law affecting canine operations.

Topics covered will include:

Session 1

  • 4th Amendment Search and Seizure Overview

  • Vehicle Sniff Issues

  • Tracking Evidence

  • Use of Force in Deployment of K-9

  • Pre-Deployment Warnings

  • K-9 After the Legalization of Marijuana


Session 2:

  • Mutual Aid Agreements Involving K-9

  • Failure to Train Issues

  • Avoiding and Defending the Civil Lawsuit

  • K-9 and Public Relations – Why It Matters

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