Kevin started his career in EMS in 1992, first as an EMT for five years before starting Paramedic School. He has worked in the Philadelphia Fire Department as well as working in 911 for multiple counties. Kevin became a Tactical Medic approximately 10 years ago, serving as Team Leader for approximately four years. He has been an instructor for Techline Trauma for the past five years. He has NEAMT Instructor Certification for the following courses: TECC, TCCC-MP/AC, TECC-MP, K9 TECC and BCON

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CLASS: Intro to Tactical K-9 BCON

Tactical K-9 BCON is a 4-hour program aimed at any and all dog owners who are interested in learning the tactical care phases and how they relate to K-9 care.


Topics to be covered include: 

1. The K-9 "M3ARCH2" Assessment Tehnique

2. Types of bleeding emergencies

3. Basic K-9 NEURO exam

4. K-9 vital signs

5. Minor and severe hemorrhage control

6. Penetrating chest injury treatment

In this intro class, we will discuss some of these topics briefly. During the second session, we will practice tourniquet application on a K-9 manikin for a short skill session. This class will serve as a good introduction to our courses and provide information for further, more advanced care course opportunities.