Leos Drbohlav was raised by Josef Janos, his grandfather, who was decorated in 1954 as the best K9 handler in the Czechoslovakian Military this is where Leos education and passion for dog training began. Leos Drbohlav has been training K9s since he was old enough to walk. He first appeared in front of the K9 community at the age of four when he performed a demo at the North Bohemia Police Trial.

     Today, he is an internationally renowned canine trainer who is leading the way into changing the way K9’s but most importantly handlers are being trained. His passion and level of commitment to producing the very best k9 teams can not be denied when you watch them work. Leos does not depend on a title or background to prove his worth. The proof is seen in what he produces, the proof is in result.

     Drbohlav regularly conducts seminars throughout the United States and Europe for military personnel and law enforcement. He has individually titled fifteen canines of which seven were titled at the most demanding level.

     The uniqueness of Leos’s approach to training combines modern science and the understanding of hard work in the field.
He has a lifetime experience gained from working with researchers as well as Law enforcement and military that exceeds the knowledge of some most well known K9 handlers out there.

     Leos Drbohlav is the director of training for True Canine International, located in the heart of Texas.


CLASS: Narcotics Detection

*Live-Demonstration using dogs*

Narcotics is a very complex and knowledge demanding discipline. Simple recognition of an odor and final alert is basically all you get from a basic handler course. It’s the street where all the questions and troubles start popping up out of nowhere. False alerts, searching pattern, independent work, odor threshold, odor discrimination, reliability, sensitivity to environment, level of difficulty etc. This seminar will explain how to bring your dog to next level step by step.

CLASS: The K-9 Industry is Lying to You About Bitework

*Live-Demonstration using dogs*

Where is the truth about old school biting and where are the skeletons hidden? How is training of scenarios helpful and how can it actually hurt you on the street? We'll discuss how to understand and how to navigate new and cool looking biting exercises that are out there. All that and much more from the puppy to a fully trained dog.