Marty Mahon is a police sergeant with the South San Francisco Police Department, located in Northern California. He has been a canine handler for 18 years and is currently the head trainer of the canine unit, which consists of 7 dual-purpose canine teams. Marty and his canine are assigned to the Drug Enforcement Administration, San Francisco Field Division, where he is responsible for drug interdiction and investigations of drug trafficking organizations. Marty specializes in drug trafficking, canine detection, canine unit supervision and the use of canines at the Federal level. Marty is a canine evaluator for the Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST), and the California Narcotics Canine Association (CNCA). Marty also trains canine teams in Northern California in patrol and detection through his company, Trident K9 Consulting.  


CLASS: Advanced K-9 Detection & Problem Solving

     The course will cover advanced K-9 Detection Techniques and Problem Solving. The course will cover such topics as patterning of rooms and vehicles, focus alerts and training on low thresholds. The course will also identify common problems with detection canines and how to address these problems to enhance your K-9 abilities. The course will definitely benefit new and veteran handlers.