Dr. Michael Re is a Principal Scientist and the Director of the CBRNE Sciences Division at Signature Science, LLC. He has a PhD in Chemistry and over 30 years of experience in threat materials including explosives, chemical threats, and toxic materials. Dr. Re’s explosives expertise extends to the manufacture, characterization, and detection of explosives including homemade explosives. He has delivered numerous training courses related to explosives to military (including special operators) and law enforcement personnel. He was the lead scientist for the development of TrueScent® K9 training aids. Dr. Re served as an onsite Project Manager and subject matter expert (SME) at the Transportation Security Laboratory supporting development and testing of explosives detection technologies.

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CLASS: Explosives Labs Based on Real World Events

With terrorist bombing attacks in the headlines in recent months, it’s imperative to stay up to date with current info related to the most recent explosives incidents. “Explosives Labs” will introduce multiple explosive lab setups based on real events. Our goal is to share details of threat scenarios with the national defense, homeland security, and Law Enforcement communities to help inform what can be done to prevent attacks today, and protect and safeguard our nation against the threats of tomorrow. This high-impact presentation, led by threat chemist Dr. Michael Re, is sure to keep you engaged, provoke thought, and provide valuable real-world information.