MSG (R) Nathaniel M. Tinnin has over 20 years of military experience, 16 of those being in the US Army Special Forces program with 14 years operationally serving with the 5th Special Forces Group at FT Campbell in Kentucky.
   Nathan is currently a trainer for Vohne Liche Kennels located in Denver, Indiana. His occupational specialties have progressed from an (MOS-18C) Special Forces Demolitions Sergeant to a Special Forces Intelligence Sergeant (MOS-18F) with a 5 year additional duty in the Multi-Purpose canine section where he served as a dual purpose canine handler and detachment trainer. His final MOS prior to retiring was a Special Forces Operations Sergeant (MOS- 18Z) on SFODA5331. Nathan has 8 tours of combat to Iraq and Afghanistan and has completed training exercises in Egypt, Jordan, Oman and Israel.
   Upon retiring, Nathan was employed by Lockheed Martin to serve as the 3rd Battalion 75th Ranger Regiments Multi-Purpose Canine Platoon Trainer. At this position, he served for two and a half years enabling the platoon to successfully conduct all individual proficiency training and training support operations at the Company and Battalion levels. His dedication and effort enabled the canine platoon to prepare for and conduct combat operations throughout the CENTCOM AOR overall enhancing 3/75 Ranger Battalions combat preparedness and effectiveness.

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CLASS: Terrorism and Improvised Explosives

    In the fight against terrorism of all forms, it is important to understand who or what is our enemy. We can only fight against this horror if we understand its causes and motivations. What motivates a person to lash out in this violent, inhumane way? This is something that all of us -- Soldiers, Police officers, politicians and common people -- need to understand. By understanding this, we can address these issues rapidly, effectively, prevent more violence and ultimately find ways to target and destroy those individuals.