With strong passion for educating others, Nicci lectures many local and national organizations on proper preventative nutrition and supplementation. Since moving her focus from humans to small animals, she has traveled the world for learning experiences and professional certifications in pet nutrition, supplementation and complementary therapies.

The reality is that much of the information about pet food and health is incomplete, biased, or misleading. Nicci helps to break through many of the marketing claims, presenting data for what it is to help the consumer better their understanding and make the best decisions for their dog.


Her undergraduate and graduate education includes biology, chemistry, business and nutrition. Additionally, she has worked for large and small pharmaceutical companies on projects that include cancer research, diabetes, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease, and hepatitis. She’s had the privilege to learn from leading international figures in the pet health industry, and lectures at local and national pet organizations, including federal, state, and municipal K9, guide, and therapy dog teams on proper preventative nutrition and supplementation.


Nicci’s interests include metabolic disease and complementary diets for cancer treatment. Her current research involves examining pathogenic risk factors and transmission among raw fed dogs and cats through a comprehensive worldwide survey of raw feeders.

  • 2020 Sage Rising 50 – 1st place

  • 2019 Retailer of the Year – PPN International

  • 2019 Business of the Year – Cheshire Chamber

  • 2018 Pet Industry Woman of the Year – nominee

  • Raw Feeding Veterinary Society – member

  • Women in the Pet Industry Network – member

  • Holistic Actions! – member


CLASS: K-9 Nutrition: Beyond the Bag: How Marketing and Media
Impact Your K-9’s Career

The pet food market is full of marketing jargon which make determining fact from fiction nearly impossible. Combine that with fears about heart disease, vitamin toxicity and pathogen risks, it can leave owners and handlers feeling overwhelmed and helpless. Many foods claim to have the solution – but does a one-size-fits-all approach actually work?

We know common health and behavioral problems many K-9s have are considered “normal” or thought to have complicated or minimal solutions – when in fact tailored nutrition may be key. In this session, we’ll learn how to spot marketing claims and make nutritional decisions based on the evidence – not marketing.