Pat Nolan developed his approach to training over a thirty-year career training retrievers. For the last ten years he has taught remote directional skills to men and dogs in the SOF community.


CLASS: Training the Remote Detection K9

     Training the off-leash detection canine requires a balance that is difficult to achieve and maintain. The canine must take direction but be free to hunt, must be under control at a distance but obedient to odor.


     Pat Nolan’s “Push Pull Training in Drive” is a proven approach to training remote directional and detection skills.


     Offering real world application of the scientific principles of operant conditioning.


     Topics include:

  • How to harness the power of positive and negative reinforcement

  • How to use “Markers” to speed learning, improve communication and reduce conflict

  • A step by step system to training directional skills

  • How to combine directional control without diminishing detection performance

Including Radio and Camera for non-line of sight detection