Founder & CEO, Scent Evidence K9

Paul is a former FBI Forensic Canine Operations Specialist and has dedicated his entire career to public service in the fields of education, law enforcement, criminal justice, investigations, forensics, and emergency management.

Paul founded Scent Evidence K9 in 2012 to help communities and law enforcement agencies improve their methods of locating missing persons. Like many other canine handlers, Paul faced the challenge of finding an effective scent article during deployments. He developed the life-saving Scent Preservation Kit® and “The SEKR” Scent Evidence Collection Vacuum to provide K9 Trailing responders with uncontaminated scent articles and on-scene scent collection methods that increase location success while reducing the time it takes to find a target.

Paul also created the first standardized Human Scent Discriminate and Electronic Communication Device (ECD/Cell Phone) Scent Detection K9 Training programs and operates training facilities in Tallahassee, FL and Bolivar, TN that provide world-class scent discriminate K9’s and training for law enforcement handlers and professional SAR Teams across the U.S. and internationally.

Scent Evidence K9 is pioneering the integration of UAS/drone technology into the K9 Trailing process with the Florida State University Emergency Management and Homeland Security Department. The use of drone overwatch during search deployments creates greater environmental visibility and safer working conditions for handlers and dogs. Paul has also developed the 3-Step Missing Person Response Protocol program that has been endorsed by the FSU EMHS department and is TN-POST certified.

By partnering with community organizations that serve populations at high risk of wandering and going missing, such as those with Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia, and Autism, Coley has provided new public safety solutions for communities, families, and caregivers to prepare at-risk individuals before they go missing. In 2019, Scent Evidence partnered with Alzheimer’s Project to pass the Bringing the Lost Home Project bill in Florida to increase awareness and improve missing person response. 

For more information visit or contact us at or 850-272-6950.

CLASS: Dogs and Drones – Nose to the Ground, Eyes in the Sky

Former FBI Forensic Canine Operations Specialist and Scent Evidence K9 Founder-CEO, Paul Coley, is joined by David Merrick, FSU Emergency Management and Homeland Security Director, to discuss the integration of UAS drone technology and K-9 search operations. Coley and Merrick will present the benefits that drone overwatch and reconnaissance bring to K-9 trailing deployments and how they are working together to cover more territory, maximize search efforts, and keep K9 Units safer on the trail.