Paul Hammond – CEO, 360 K9 Group


    30+ years of working dog experience. 22yrs of which seen continuous canine operations in hostile environments; 8yrs directing canine programs in support of high-profile government organizations including the US Department of State and the Department of Defense in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    15 years of continuous canine operations in Northern Ireland deployed with the British Military Army Dog Unit, during some of the most challenging & hostile times in its history; completing many recorded operational detection tasks, against live explosive devices.

   Paul completed 6yrs as a working dog adviser in support of the British Government Defense Evaluation and Research Agency (DERA) and more recently worked alongside Auburn University`s Canine Research & Development Program on various US Canine Defense & Research projects.

    Paul has briefed Government agencies around the world, including the EU Counter Terrorism and Working Dog Commission (representatives of 22 – countries) on Explosive K9 Detection and Body-worn Explosive K9 Detection.

In addition Paul is the President of the Cargo Screening K9 Alliance® (CSK9), Founder/Owner (Handler Recruitment Agency) & Founder/Owner of the US Canine Biathlon.

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CLASS: Operational Based Explosive Dog Training & Importance of Search Intel

This “reality check” class will surely improve your explosive detection K9 program.

Paul completed a 2yr Advanced EDD study at 360 K9 Group`s main Academy, in which 100+ Police, Military and Private Sector EDD dog teams were tested on an Operational Based training and Intel gathering exercise. The results will surprise you & reinforce why this speaker session is a must to attend. Correct operational based training and use of task intelligence is the number one factor for EDD team success during operational Tasks.

CLASS: Understanding Body-worn Explosive & Firearm Detection

Understanding the difference between; Traditional Detection Dogs, People Screening Dogs and Mass Pedestrian Screening Dogs. All three have an important but very different role in canine operations, and canines should be trained uniquely for each discipline. The threat of a body-worn explosive and firearms attack is real, and understanding the types of detection dogs available, their correct training, use and deployment is key to their overall proficiency. This informative presentation is delivered by Paul Hammond, CEO 360K9Group [VWK9, CSK9, SCK9, C2CK9, BDK9, USCB], who leads the largest body-worn detection program in the U.S.