Ricky Farley is  President of Alabama Canine (ACLEOTC). As a world-renowned, highly sought after trainer and speaker, Ricky continues to share his technique and elite canine training to professionals around the world.


CLASS: Muzzle Fighting

This class will start from the beginning on how to enhance your canine’s genetic fight drive through muzzle training. Teaching your dog that the fight is with the man and not the equipment will make for a much more reliable street ready partner.


TOPICS OF DISCUSSION: Why muzzle train?

Advantages to muzzle training are …

  • Combats equipment fixations

  • Enhances genetic fight drive

  • Safely re-enact any street scenario

  • Picture training – Showing the dog different situations that are normal to us but abnormal to him. Once your canine learns to not question what the agitator or agitators are doing or what they are wearing, but is only to go do his job then we have a K-9 that will perform on the street.

This is a highly sought-after class for specialized K-9 Units throughout the world.

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