Steve Sprouse retired in 2018 after 35 years in law enforcement. He worked 6 patrol dogs in his career as a patrol dog handler, resulting in literally hundreds of K-9 apprehensions. He also served as the lead patrol dog trainer for the Broward County Sheriff's Office in South East Florida. Steve was shot and severely wounded in 1989 during a K-9 deployment. In spite of his first dog exhibiting hard and aggressive behavior, the dog failed to engage as expected in this real life incident. Since then, Steve has dedicated much of his experience to teaching and training for reality. In addition to writing numerous published K-9 related articles, he is a Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) K9 Team Evaluator, K9 Subject Matter Expert Witness and is owner of ArminLeggan® Reality Based Training Equipment.


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CLASS: Transitioning Bitework Training to Real Suspects

     This class looks at aggression and real life “street bite” issues. The class defines the “ideal” bite, highlights why dogs may not engage a real suspect and guides you through  proven step-by-step training methods that transition the dog from training to reality. A variety of methods and equipment, including ArminLeggan® products will be discussed that condition your dog for a real use of force encounter. Don’t be misled to believe that because a dog bites sleeves and suits that he will bite a real suspect. Having worked the street as a K9 handler for over 30 years, these instructors draw from the experience of living the reality of the street both in police and military applications. This class will present facts rather than theory.